Let us bring your company to Planet Fabulon!

The highly-skilled team at Planet Fabulon can provide your company or organization a family-friendly or adult-focused event that achieves the bonding, team-building, and connectivity that are the true value of holiday parties, retreats, workshops, and all types of social outings you love to provide your invaluable employees. It may not be as easy these days to facilitate these vital activities that allow coworkers to see the human side of their peers and experience the gratitude of their employers, but that absolutely does not mean it can’t still be done. In fact, it is more important than ever to provide your team a respite from the challenges of our current reality. Let us throw you an event that will teleport attendees to a spectacular world of entertainment and boost the morale of your team and their families! We guarantee it will be an experience to remember long after we’re able to commune in person again.

Our team at Planet Fabulon creates one-of-a-kind events combining theatre, music, dance, circus, games, and more, all wrapped into infectiously fun sci-fi narratives that leave attendees rejuvenated, inspired, and reminiscing about their experience for years to come! Each production can be scaled to fit your company’s wants, needs, and budget. Anything is possible with our core team of professional filmmakers and event creators and our extensive roster of talent, crew, and technicians. Our whimsical events reach deep into the hearts of attendees and conjure vital emotional connection through those blissful “let-go” moments.


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What does it look like?

We use a virtual platform that allows guests to move through a space at their own unique pace using their own personal avatar – interacting with hosted activities/games, watching performances, chatting with other guests, and participating in the surrounding storyline as they see fit… like at an actual party!

      • Autonomous individual socializing in spectacular virtual landscape
      • A fabulous and fun storyline inspiring guests through the evening on an opt-in scavenger hunt to save the day!
      • Multiple rooms
      • Original graphics
      • Interactive activities (customizable)
      • Individual performances (customizable)
      • Option to include a full theatrical show within the event



What are my options?

We’ll start with our base event design and add, adjust, and enhance to your heart’s content! The sky is the limit on Planet Fabulon!

Basic Package:

  • 1.5 hours
  • Up to 25 people
  • 3 unique rooms
  • 3 exciting interactive activities and stellar performances
  • Event-wide scavenger hunt
  • Inclusion of one of your colleagues in the fantastical storyline
  • Beloved Planet Fabulon character hosting the party and leading guests through the evening on their quest!
  • All creation, production, and technical elements before, during, and after the show run by our team

Additional rooms, performances, characters, capacity, and length of event are all available based on the wants, needs, and budget of your company. We’re excited to customize the night to wow your team!


Example Add-ons/Enhancements:

  • Up to 2,000 guests
  • Up to 7 rooms
  • Live bands – variety of genres
  • DJs – variety of electronic music genres
  • Circus acts – silks, fire, hula hoop, etc.
  • Drag artists – comedic or traditional
  • Magicians
  • Comedians
  • Burlesque performers – comedic or traditional
  • Walk-around performers
  • Cocktail making/cooking demos
  • Craft stations
  • At-home kit delivery from local businesses
  • Brand/company inclusion
  • Kid friendly/adult-focused
  • Full theatrical show (listed below)


Interactive Theatrical Show:

(can also be purchased on their own)


      • 70-75 min all-ages, interactive, immersive, retro video game-styled show
      • 3 music acts
      • 2 circus acts
      • 1 host/facilitator character
      • 3 Interactive games
      • 1 prize winner
      • Up to 500 Zoom participants
      • Trailer: http://www.planetfabulon.online/level-up-trailer


“LEVEL UP” with adjustments/additions

   Example additions:

      • Longer show
      • Adding branded messaging/personalized content
      • Additional performances
      • Additional interactive challenges
      • Subtitles for additional languages
      • ASL translator
      • Up to 1,000 Zoom participants
      • Broadcasting on another platform for unlimited participants


“Virtual Reality” DJ Dance Party/Show


Fully customized show

Let us create something 100% bespoke and unique to your company! Using your specific wants and needs, we’ll craft a brand new show just for your invaluable team!

How do I get started??

Contact us at greetings@planetfabulon.online to start planning your next corporate event!