We Fabulonians are dedicated to providing a safer space for people of all persuasions to enjoy and express themselves freely and without fear of judgment or discrimination. We do this by observing our core values: The Fabulon Five. While visiting Planet Fabulon, you are expected to observe these customs as well.


PLAYFULNESS Life is short and we want you to have fun with it when and where you can! When visiting, don’t take yourself too seriously. This is a chance for others to meet your most fabulous you! Lean into it and feel free to be creative in how you dress. Fabulon is like a physics-defying perpetual motion machine: the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. 

CURIOSITY Explore! Ask questions! Learn something new! A visit to Planet Fabulon is a chance to open yourself up to new experiences and step outside your comfort zone. Don’t spectate – participate! Talk to a stranger, volunteer to help out, or try out that sick new dance move you’ve been practicing at home in the mirror. You’ll be glad you did.

CONSENT We Fabulonians champion active consent in all our interactions. It promotes greater feelings of well-being, safety, and mutual respect for everyone! It’s important to check in regularly with folks you’re interacting with, and only an enthusiastic yes means yes. What does this mean in practice? Don’t touch people without asking, and don’t invade their space without permission. 

KINDNESS The people of Fabulon have a popular toast that says: “help others, before you help yourself”. We encourage everyone to lead by example and to be excellent to each other. Treat our space as if it were your home, and treat others as you wish to be treated. If you visit Fabulon with kindness and compassion in your heart, Fabulon has a way of returning the favour.

INCLUSIVITY We are all different, and that’s precisely what makes each of us so awesome. At Planet Fabulon we celebrate all beings. Everyone  is welcome here, regardless of (legal) age, sexual orientation, gender expression, ability, body type, racial identity, or planetary origin.


Guided by these values, we hope to encourage greater creativity, personal growth, and community connection throughout the galaxy. We need your help to make it so. So pop on through one of our intergalactic portals and join us on Planet Fabulon!