Splinter-Dimensional is our brand new Augmented Reality narrative experience created in partnership with the AR wizards at Astound Digital, and presented as part of Luminato Festival Toronto’s Creative Current program.

Equipped with your smartphone and headphones, you’ll be sent on a quest through a downtown Toronto park to encounter and interact with a collection of animated AR objects and characters. Complete the quest by saving the Captain and you’ll be rewarded with an invitation to our fun and funky augmented reality dance party on July 18th that can be enjoyed from wherever you like!

And you don’t need to be some kind of tech-wiz to enjoy this experience! The whole scavenger hunt-style adventure is laid out in an easy to use way. If you can use a smartphone, you’re more than qualified to join us on this adventure.

To provide greater COVID-safety, this event has been designed as an individual, outdoor experience. This event is step-free and fully subtitled. This event is free to attend.



With The Captain missing, we are doing our best to triangulate her position! But since our planet is so far from yours, our supercomputers need time to do their thing. Our calculations indicate we will have an approximate lock on her position by July 14th. Sign up for your free ticket to be sent our top secret July 14th report on The Captain’s location! Then join the search IRL at any point during our operating hours:

JUL 14-16  |  12:00PM-8:00PM

JUL 17-18  |  10:00AM-8:00PM

Claim Your FREE Ticket



It wouldn’t be a Fabulon event without some much needed music to get down to! That’s the whole reason The Captain was headed to Earth in the first place! She’s been planning some bumping beats for you to stream right into your earholes live on JULY 18th, from 7pm-9pm.

Her notes describe it as “an upbeat audio odyssey best enjoyed watching the summer sunset” that features a soundtrack from one of Toronto’s bestest beat makers – ME TIME!

There’s just one problem: no Captain means no party…

Help find her and you’ll be rewarded with the knowledge that you helped out a good partying cause (… and you’ll be given a link to the party too!)



Augmented reality (AR) is an interactive 3D experience that combines what you see in the real world with computer-generated elements from a virtual world. When looking through your smartphone’s camera, virtual elements will appear super-imposed over objects you see in the real world.

In Splinter-Dimensional, you are able to interact with the virtual elements you encounter to advance the story and complete your quest to save The Captain.

Splinter-Dimensional has been designed as an all-ages experience: it’s appropriate for regular kids and grown-up kids alike! If you like the idea of getting out of your home, and getting into a silly, sci-fi styled adventure in a public park, then this is the event for you. Age IS just a number…

The experience requires walking through a park, over a combined distance of 600m. It is primarily a scavenger hunt style experience, with clues and information delivered through audio and on-screen text clues. Each destination in the hunt is marked by colourful, interactive, AR elements that both kids and adults will appreciate.

The event hours are:
– Wednesday July 14: 12pm-8pm
– Thursday July 15: 12pm-8pm
– Friday July 16: 12pm-8pm
– Saturday July 17: 10am-8pm
– Sunday July 18: 10am-8pm
Stop by at whatever time suits you best!
You complete this event at your own pace. The typical duration is about 30 minutes.
This event is completely free to attend!

Simply signup to receive word of our secret downtown location (to be announced July 14th), and stop by during our operating hours any time that suits you best.

The experience takes place in a secret downtown Toronto park location!

Simply signup to receive word of our secret downtown location (to be announced July 14th), and stop by during our operating hours any time that suits you best.



This experience works on most iOS and Android smartphones. The web-based AR platform we’re using is known to run on:

iPHONE: Safari browser (iOS 11+)
ANDROID: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Samsung Internet, or Brave browser

Older phones might not have the processing power to run this experience. Anecdotally, we’ve had successful tests on iPhone 7 or newer. Given the variety of Android phones available we are unable to provide similar hardware guidelines for this platform.

For more info on the web-AR platform, visit

This experience is graphics and hardware intensive. We strongly recommend arriving with a well charged battery, as you may use up 10-15% of your phone’s supply while playing. Our tests have also shown that starting the experience with less than a half a charge remaining can adversely affect performance on older phones. ‘Low power mode’ must also be off to get the desired results.
Yes. This experience uses approximately 500MB of cellular data.
No. This experience runs on a web-based Augmented Reality platform. That means it runs entirely inside your smart phone’s web browser. No extra downloads needed.

For more info on the web-AR platform, visit

Some basic ones, yes. We recommend you turn silent mode off, put your headphones in, and turn your volume up. When you arrive on site you will be reminded to make these changes as well.



No. But please dress for comfort and mobility, as you will be moving throughout a public park. The experience covers a walking distance of approximately 600m.
Yes. Each stage of the scavenger hunt is step-free. However, it does require movement throughout a multi-level park, requiring navigating some steeper hill paths to access. For more info on this event’s accessibility, contact Cathy Gordon at
Yes. All audio is fully captioned and all additional instructions appear as on-screen text. For more info on this event’s accessibility, contact Cathy Gordon at
No. This event has been designed for an all ages general audience.



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