We know what a challenging year this has been for our favorite blue marble. And while we love bringing our parties to your homes, what we’ve truly longed for is a way to sweep you off Earth all together and bring you to OUR HOMEWORLD for a proper escape! 

Well folks, the finest minds of Fabulon have made a breakthrough! We’ve built each and every one of you a fabulous avatar – or “Fabatar” – so you can autonomously explore some pieces of our Fabulon homeworld for yourselves! And since you’ll be wandering through the same landscape as all your friends’ Fabatars… you’ll be able to hang out and socialize with each other like at normal parties! In honor of this momentous occasion, we’re throwing a fabulous festival to welcome you to our shores on your biggest night of Earthly celebration! 

Feel free to invite your fabulous friends and experience being together again. All galactic creatures are welcome!

DEC 31  |  8:00PM-1:00AM




This is not your regular old zoom event! It’s more like a multiplayer video game with all your friends. Think your favourite childhood top-down video game meets a real-life party.

Using a web browser-based 2D platform that’s easy to access and easy to use, you’ll be given a cartoon Fabatar that you can customize. You’ll then be able to move this “digital you” around our virtual rendering of Planet Fabulon, interact with objects you find, and chat via video with the friends/Fabatars – old and new – that your Fabatar meets along the way!

The experience is a lot like walking around a non-virtual party. There’ll be places to hang and chat, places to dance, and fun things to do. It just all happens to take place inside a fantastical, custom-designed, outer space virtual wonderland!

And when you feel like getting up from your computer and moving around, one of our virtual spaces will be hosting a Zoom dance party starting at 10pm. Just walk your Fabatar over to the spot, follow the zoom link, and get down with some “old school” 2020 virtual fun!



The experience can be accessed through a Chrome or Firefox browser, using any laptop or desktop, and any OS. We also suggest a computer with a camera and microphone, as part of the point is being able to connect with other people while exploring!

(The minimum hardware specs for an ideal experience: 3Mbps down/1Mbps up; 2.4GHz dual core CPU; 8GB RAM)  

When entering our virtual world, you’ll be given a quick tutorial about how to navigate with your Fabatar. Don’t worry! The learning curve is extremely low. Then it’s up to you! Explore how and where you like!



Absolutely!!! On Fabulon, we’re always impressed by the offerings you Earthlings bring to the parties and festivals you attend purely out of your passion and love of your art! We want this event to be no different. Have a performance piece you’re hoping to show off? An interactive activity you’d like to lead? Some art to display? A special moment you want to stage? We’d like that too. 

Alongside our curated entertainment (listed below), we’ve set aside a select number of free tickets to thank those looking to share something special with the crowd. Reach out to us at with your ideas and we’ll help you fit it into the event!



This technology requires us to lock in our numbers early, so please buy your ticket well in advance. Select the option that fits you best:

              • 1 Player  |  $20  (one person, one screen) 
              • 2 Player  |  $40  (two people, one screen)
              • Multiplayer  |  $55  (pods/households of three or more, one screen)
              • Power Up  |  $5 (for those with reduced income, COVID-related or otherwise)
Donations of any amount are also welcome, to help support the artists involved.
Please familiarize yourself with our values – playfulness, curiosity, kindness, inclusivity, and consent – before attending







We encourage all guests at our events to “dress as fabulously as you feel.”

From sneaks and tees to sequin onesies, anything goes if it helps you feel like your best you! But we DO come from outer space… so your most glittery, UV-glowiest, intergalactic outfits are always welcome! So don your finest and enjoy a virtual hang with Fabulon’s finest talent without leaving your home.