People say never trust a skinny chef, Me Time says never trust a DJ who doesn’t dance. She’s the antidote to all that dude-in-a-black-tshirt-smoking-a-cigarette minimal-tech shit. No, this isn’t the music for wall-leaning, drink-sipping, head-bobbing and small talk, this is bass house for booty-shaking, drink-spilling, sweat-dripping, and of course, showing off new dance moves!

Me Time creates intentional safer spaces for all bodies to move freely. If you’ve caught her sets at Tomorrowland, Harvest Festival or her own EveryBody dance parties, you know she’s all about letting go, getting down and leaving it all on the dance floor.

Me Time brings you from the couch to the club for all the juicy fun of a living room dance party, without the rug burn.

  • First Appearance: S2E1 - The Funhouse Goes Fabulon
  • Photo: Kieran Meyn (@sojufancyhuh)
  • Music: