Miz Megs has been immersed in electronic music since before she started going to raves in 1996 and wanted to learn how to DJ since the beginning. So in 2003, she bought 2 Technics 1200s and a Pioneer mixer and got her (patient) friends to teach her on vinyl. The rest is history – she hasn’t stopped since then!

Miz Megs’ sound is a fusion of house, tech house and even some techno. It is evident in her sound that house music has lived in her heart for a very long time as she never lets go of the soul that house music carries. She is known for her flawless mixing, energy, upbeat personality and her way to work a crowd. She has opened and closed for some of the best in the business and can throw down as a headliner in any city. Miz Megs has toured and held residencies all over Asia and Canada with many bookings in the USA. Currently residing in Toronto, you can find her at Coda, Nest, Vertigo or somewhere around Southern Ontario.